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Interested in giving a sponsored talk or workshop?

Your company may have a prominent position by sponsoring a Communication or a Workshop.

This event will have great relevance and visibility, which can be an opportunity for companies in the sector. We have three sponsoring modalities that will make your organization notable as an entity that supports the future of the profession:

    a) Economic contribution of 300€ : publication of the company logo both on the website, in the minutes book, and in all the advertising of the event. Also, you will have the right of access to the entire congress.

    b) Economic contribution of 500€ : in addition to what is indicated in the previous section, you can provide a multimedia informational file that will appear in a specific space enabled throughout the duration of the congress.

    c) Financial contribution of 1,000€ : in addition to what is indicated in the previous sections, you can contribute various multimedia informational files and sponsor a workshop or conference.

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