If your work has been accepted for the Congress, please read carefully this guide:

  1. At least one of the authors must be registered in the Symposium. The same author may only present a maximum of two works, regardless of their format, only if he/she was registered. Certification will NOT be entitled if at least the presenter does not register for the VI Congress, despite the work has been accepted.
  2. First author must be a Bachelor, Master or Doctorate student, or must have finished any of these studies between the years 2017-2022. The first author does not necessarily have to be the presenter.
  3. Regardless the format, all final oral communications, workshops and posters must be sent before November 7th to
  4. Submission Requirements:


  • Language: English.
  • Poster must include:
    • Title (the same as in the abstract), author/s, Institution-University.
  • E-mail of the corresponding author.
  • References, if necessary, according Vancouver format.
  • Contents must be presented in a clear and simple way, using small amount of words, and using graphic resources such as images, figures, tables, etc…
  • Poster must include all the information presented in the abstract, with the corrections proposed by the reviewers (if applicable).
  • The program to generate the poster is free, but it must be sent in pdf format.
  • Poster dimensions must be A1 (84,1×59,4 cm), with a maximum of two slides.
  • Poster file name must be: POSTER CODE NUMBER – CORRESPONDING AUTHOR SURNAMES separated by a hyphen. For example, if the communication code is 1329 and the corresponding author is Amparo Díez Ajenjo, the file name will be: 1329-DIEZ-AJENJO 

Oral communication:

  • Authors must present a video with their communication in English language, or in Spanish but with English subtitles.
  • File name will be: COMMUNICATION NUMBER CODE- CORRESPONDING AUTHOR SURNAMES, separated by a hyphen. For example, if the communication code is 1329 and the corresponding author is Amparo Díez Ajenjo, the file name will be: 1329-DIEZ-AJENJO 
  • Video must be of two different kinds:
    • A recording of the authors explaining their contribution (with or without slide support).
    • A spoken presentation, in which a slide presentation is recorded with the voice of one or more of the authors.
  • Oral communication must be done with any informatics program.
  • Oral communication must be presented in a clear and simple way, and must include all the information included in the abstract form, including, if proceed, reviewer’s suggestions.
  • Video format must be MP4. File generated should not be exceeded 250 Mb, and should have acceptable sound and image quality.
  • Video must have a maximum time of 10 minutes. If a speaker considers relevant to provide additional information, it will be provide through the forums.
  • For those authors with problems with the video recording, Congress will enable an online option to do it, by prior appointment. Authors interested in this modality should contact with


  • From November 14th to 28th, corresponding author (or at least one of the authors) must answer questions and comments that other participants and members of the Scientific and Research Committees will make in the forum regarding their work.
  • Authors may justify their contribution to the VI Congress by downloading the Abstract Book, and with an Author Certificate that they will receive once Congress finished.
  • Participants in the VI Congress will only receive the Certificate of Attendance if they participate at least once in one of the forums of four different thematic lines (there are several thematic lines and at least four contributions must be made), from November 14th to 28th. Contributions in each thematic line must be of scientific quality, that is, texts with content. Quality will be judged by the Organizing Committee. There is no maximum of contributions. Less elaborate entries may also be made, such as value judgments on the subject matter or congratulations, but these contributions will not be considered towards the minimum contributions. If a participant does not reach the four minimum quality contributions, they will NOT be entitled to the Attendance Certificate. Different contributions will be considered, even if they are within the same thematic line, comments in poster mode and in oral communication. Comments made in invited talks and workshops will also count as contributions.
  • It will be necessary to obtain the Attendance and Author Certificates, to carry out the satisfaction survey that will be enabled in the Congress Hall.
  • VI Congress can publish a book with a selection of the most relevant communications presented in the Congress. If it is published and your work is selected for inclusion, authors must write the chapter of the book assigned to them in the format that will be provided. If an author is selected and decides not to participate, he may revoke this invitation. An author can NOT decide to participate in the book, this is an invitation by the Organizing Committee, according to the criteria of the Scientific Committee.
  • Best communications, according to the opinion of the Scientific Committee, will have the opportunity to publish their work in the Rivista Italiana di Optometria (