Attendance certificate

  1. From November 14th to 28th, participants in the VI Congress will only receive the Certificate of Attendance if they participate in, at least, 4 forums of 4 different thematic lines, (there are several thematic lines and at least four contributions must be made). Different contributions will be considered, even if they are within the same thematic line, comments in poster mode and in oral communication. Comments made in invited talks and workshops will also count as contributions. There is no maximum of contributions. Each contributions must be of scientific quality, that is, texts with content. Quality will be judged by the Organizing Committee. Less elaborate entries may also be made, such as value judgments on the subject matter or congratulations, but these contributions will not be considered towards the minimum contributions. If a participant does not reach the four minimum quality contributions, they will NOT be entitled to the Attendance Certificate.
  2. It will be necessary to obtain the Attendance and Author Certificates, to carry out the satisfaction survey that will be enabled in the Congress Hall.